I grew up in the next little town Bohorok close to Bukit Lawang. Since I was a kid I have been always fascinated by the rainforest, its amazing nature and wildlife and had the intention to preserve it at some point. Hence I started ORANG 2 UTAN in order to not only show foreigners the beauty of Indonesia, but to give back to our Mother Nature.

Besides nature and jungle I am passionate about music. Playing guitar and singing together just brings so much life and happiness and it’s a perfect ending after a day trekking through the depths of the rainforest. Maybe you want to join us.


Originally I am from Germany, but I consider myself rather as a world citizen, since I love traveling and exploring new places. Hence I was amazed by the beauty of Indonesia and the lovely people, who eventually made me stay.

Besides traveling, nature and trekking, music has been a big part of my life and I have been singing and playing several instruments ever since. My biggest dream is not only to work for myself, but to open up a music school for kids in order to get them off the streets and bring happiness and joy to their lives.


In Bahasa Indonesia “orang” means human and “utan” is the word for jungle or forest. Accordingly an orangutan is the human, who lives in the jungle.

We twisted this word a bit around. Since we take the human (ORANG) to (2) the jungle (UTAN) and show them the orangutans, climbing from one tree to the next. Thus our name ORANG 2 UTAN evolved.


Ario Pasha

Orangutan Street, Sampe Raya
Bohorok, Bukit Lawang, Sumatra Utara
20774 Indonesia

E-Mail mail@orang2utan.com
Website www.orang2utan.com

Phone & WhatsApp Rio + 62 813 61289268 (English & Indonesian)
Phone & WhatsApp Katie + 62 853 62238076 / +49 176 69730639 (English & German)