All of our guides will ensure your safety throughout the entire stay in the jungle. They have been guiding tours, as well as working with orangutans for many years and know the area by heart. Listen to their most interesting stories about life in the jungle and increase your knowledge of the rainforest’s flora and fauna.



Erwin was born and raised in Bukit Lawang and knew he wanted to learn everything he could about the rainforest when his uncle took him into the jungle one day. He was fascinated by the breathtaking nature, the wild orangutans swinging from tree to tree and the soothing sounds of the jungle. So his uncle taught him all he needed to know for many years and he himself has now been guiding tourists for over fifteen years.

There is hardly anything that will stop Erwin from spending time in the rainforest – not even a wound from a falling branch could keep him away for more than than a 24 hours. Do you want to join Erwin and explore the lush beauty of the Sumatran jungle with him?


Sinar has been working with orangutans for over twenty years and has been guiding people through the rainforest from all around the world. He also supports a rehabilitation center that helps increase the number of certain monkeys, which are then released back into the forest.

Thanks to his expertise and abundant knowledge, Sinar will tell you all you want to know about the jungle, its inhabitants, as well as the life of the indigenous people, their traditions, natural medication and everyday life.

Sinar and his team are really fun to be around. He always has a little joke, story or game hidden inside his pocket that will put a smile on your face. When he starts mimicking the sound of the monkeys, you might not know what is the real deal, so better watch out!


Novendri or Pen, as his friends and family like to call him, may be young, but don’t ever underestimate him. Each of his steps is placed with great care so that he can spot almost any animal or the footprints it leaves behind. If you go on a tour with Novendri you will learn a lot about the different varieties of species in the rainforest, as well as the historic background of the area, if you are interested.

You will not only gain extensive knowledge about the jungle, its story and the wildlife, but because of Pen’s charismatic and outgoing manner you are going to have lots of fun during the hike through the dense jungle and you will feel well taken care of at all times.