Dig into the life of the villagers, their work and traditional way of growing rice, the most important food, which is served to almost every dish in Indonesia and the process of making tofu and tempeh out of soy beans. The soy plays a great role in the diet of Indonesians. A lot of Indonesian dishes include tofu or tempeh, which are both made out of the superfood, it is high in protein and has various health benefits.

At your preferable day time you will be picked up by becak (Indonesian tuk-tuk) close to your guest house, which will take you in around thirty minutes to the rice fields. Traditional farmers will show you around for the next three to four hours.

They will explain, how to plant rice and you can even try it out yourself. Afterwards you will see the process of making tofu and tempeh and taste the different kinds of it. You might want to bring back some tofu or tempeh to your guest house, which the chefs in the kitchen can prepare for you later in the evening.


20 EUR per person


Including village tour, visit at the bat cave, as well as a barbecue at the Landak river, starting after your breakfast at the guest house.

30 EUR per person


  • Comfortable walking shoes and flip-flops or sandals
  • A large bottle of water
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Mosquito repellent